About us

TexAlive, creating innovation through its leather, fabrics and membranes


We are a young company, established in January 2010 as TexAlive, but with more than 40 years of experience in the leather and its components sector, both in the footwear sector and in the leather and clothing sector, also covering the fashion, technical, sports, labour, military and orthopedic markets.


We are dedicated to the production and distribution of fabrics, membranes and different technical materials, which are the result of our commitment to quality and innovation. This means that, using the latest technologies, we produce our own materials, fabrics and non-woven fabrics, membranes and microfibers, but also giving our customers other fabrics that belong to brands that are a reference in different areas, such as the mountain footwear sector, and technical, labour, military and sport fashion sectors, among others.


Our represented brands give, as do our membranes and leathers, an added value and help our clients to create products of great utility, resistance and durability.


Our advanced techniques of production, lamination and nanotechnology, our extensive knowledge of raw materials and our ability to meet the latest trends and demands of suppliers and customers, make us the ideal partner for your projects.


Our commitment to innovation and excellence



There are several values that accompany us during our business development:



The fabrics, leathers and membranes we produce and distribute are designed to innovate within the different sectors, helping our clients accomplish their innovations.



The latest technologies we use allow us to create new fabrics, new uses and also new applications.



Our main objective is to offer our clients the best product and service. This is why we produce fabrics, membranes and other technical materials taking into account quality as the main attribute.

Quality and technology hand in hand



Our main reason for being is our continuous commitment to quality. This is why we have been awarded several certificates that guarantee the excellence in our work processes and in the leather, fabrics and textiles that we produce and distribute.


Our products comply with the Clear to Wear certification, a health product standard that has been created by Inditex in accordance with the most demanding legislation on product health. This certificate includes REACH as a mandatory European Union regulation for all Inditex suppliers, including TexAlive.