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Tex AliveMembrane 

The TexAlive membrane is an ultralight membrane that is invisibly incorporated into footwear and clothing.


The use of the TexAlive climate membrane offers exceptional breathability and maximum waterproofing.


It is composed of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers. Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen intervene in its formulation, elements that give the product the characteristic of fulfilling all the environmental standards. The TexAlive laminate guarantees maximum comfort, it is practically impossible for the appearance of blisters on the feet and offers an excellent resistance to abrasion. Unlike other membranes it has no pores so it is impossible to obstruct it with sweat or anything else.


The TexAlive membrane can be used in all types of garments, such as footwear, jackets, coats and gloves and is specially qualified for extreme conditions such as mountain or high risk sports (motorcycling, etc.) and protective clothing for work.


No other membrane on the market can guarantee such a degree of elasticity (250%), adjustment and resistance, all combined with maximum comfort in use. The TexAlive membrane is exposed to continuous quality controls and resistance tests that guarantee its manufacturing at the highest level and complete product reliability and final performance.

Membrana TexAlive

Dry Alive Microfiber

DryAlive Microfiber is a type of microfiber that has the capacity to offer the user adapted comfort thanks to the nanotechnology applied in compact non-woven microfiber. We use reduced fibers 0.0001 – 0.0008 against the traditional denier used with fabrics.


DryAlive adapts to the body acting as a faithful membrane that absorbs sweat, thus achieving a total absorption. It is a thermoregulatory product, which is also anti-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-odour. It is also a machine washable product at 95ºC which makes it a type of microfiber of the most resistant and easy to clean.


One of the most outstanding features of this fabric is that TexAlive’s DryAlive microfiber is three times lighter than cowhide or pig skin, making it one of the most comfortable materials.


It is also a type of microfiber that dries very quickly, which causes it to drive moisture away from the body (wicking). Being eight times more breathable than the original skin, the DryAlive membrane is a soft-touch material and allows air circulation.


Another of its advantages is that the production process with which it is manufactured is free of CO2 emissions, avoiding the processes or additives associated with tanning.

DryAlive, producto microfibra

Texalive Membrane

Waterproof, breathable and windproof

Total thermoregulator

With Phase Changing Nanotechnology


Cellular Regulator


Kalanchoe and Aloe Vera / Argan oil and ginger

Antistatic Silver Ion


Neopreno / Neopreno Light

3D Maximum Comfort

Furniture, backpacks, watch straps.

Fondo Dry Alive

PCM ClimaAlive thermoregulator

The TexAlive thermoregulator is an innovative intelligent material that interacts with the body and its environment to offer an optimum temperature to the user wearing the material.


We speak of a fabric that offers first of all thermal comfort to the user, either in warm or cold environments. The fabric is made with PCM (PhaseChangeMaterials) technology, a type of technology using fibers and fabrics incorporating processes of thermal adaptation, also known as active thermoregulation. A technology that always reproduces the same process: the material absorbs the heat, stores the heat and finally releases it.


The material has multiple applications, which can be used in various sectors. For example, you can find the phase changing TexAlive Thermoregulator in interior linings of footwear, in clothing, work clothes, military uniforms, construction clothing, household textiles such as furniture fabrics (sofas, armchairs, etc.), clothing for astronauts/cosmonauts or fabrics for professionals exposed to extreme temperatures such as firefighters.


The differential advantage of the TexAlive thermoregulator is its great ability to isolate the content it wraps. In other words, the advantage of the TexAlive thermoregulator is its great capacity to adapt to the ambient temperature, avoiding that the user be cold in extremely cold temperatures, or to suffer from excess heat in hot climates.


Whether for users in a work environment (installers, security personnel, firefighters …) or in a work or leisure environment (climbers, hikers …) the TexAlive thermoregulator is a perfect material to control the heat of the body at high or low temperatures.