Our represented brands

In TexAlive we are also distributors of brands that are a reference in the sector such as Giardini, Sympatex, Indutan and Vibram, among many others of great relevance.

Logo Roc Pellami | Marca representada Texalive

This firm provides a wide range of tanned leathers of different types: Nubuck, split suede, laminates, cow and mestizo nappa leathers, lambskin and goatskin, for tanning, mixed tanning or wet-white vegetable tanning along with a high respect for the environment throughout its manufacturing process and meeting the expectations and needs of the customer.


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Detalle Roc-Pellami | Marca representada Texalive
Logo Fidia | Marca representada Texalive

FIDIA is a brand that is dedicated to treating Tuscan Florentine craftsmanship in cowhide. Among its many options are the ones to personalize the skin with a great range of colours and thicknesses. Their technology also allows them to combine fancy and exclusive items without minimum order quantities (with some exceptions).


Pieles personalizadas Fidia
Logo Inducol | Marca representada Texalive

INDUCOL has a wide variety of merino fur articles that have been developed according to the needs of the sector. This has led to an evolution in its products, which are considered as traditional but at the same time have an innovative character. In short, they are products that are the result of the rigour and quality that this company uses in its development and manufacturing process. The modern facilities and the great dedication of the team of professionals who form INDUCOL make it a company that has been able to reach a prominent place in the field of industry.

Artículos Inducol de piel de pelo de merino
Logo Indutan | Marca representada Texalive

Founded in 1993, this company is dedicated to the processing of merino, goat and mestizo sheep skins. In addition to manufacturing and developing products according to customers’ specifications and needs, INDUTAN has the power and ability to create and develop its own products, which are regularly presented at business fairs. In addition, it makes its skins available to fashion designers from all over the world. It has the ISO 9001 certificate.


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Detalle Indutan | Marca representada Texalive
Logo Gardini | Marca representada Texalive

Giardini is an Italian brand located in Vigevano and Borgolavezzaro, which since 1937 has gained extensive experience in the manufacture of synthetic leather and microfiber of the latest generation. This firm is always in constant development and evolution in order to satisfy the needs of its clients, related mainly to the world of fashion and the naturalist, vegan, environmental, sports and technical fields. Its products are solvent free (Ecolabels) and have the ISO 9001 quality certification.


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Detalle Giardini | Marca representada Texalive
Logo Tessiltoschi | Marca representada Texalive

Tessiltoschi is a brand that has as its main objective to satisfy the needs of its customers with constant commercial care and a proposal of new fabrics and production characterized by excellent value for money.


Specializing in special treatments, such as waterproofing, Scotchguard or anti-stain, fire resistance, anti-static, antibacterial or disinfected, zero perforation, it is a company that has shown great sensitivity for the environment.

In addition, it works with relevant companies in the sector such as CIMAC and BRACHI and also has the ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certification N.IT04 / 1277 Certificate.


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Tejidos con tratamientos especiales Tessiltoschi
Logo SympaTex | Marca representada Texalive

Sympatex Technologies GmbH produces the Sympatex membrane, a type of membrane that is a reference in the field of waterproof membranes. This kind of fabric is known for its breathability and impermeability, allowing protection against rain and wind. This waterproof and breathable fabric is applicable to all possible fields, highlighting sectors such as fashion, sports, technical, equipment and uniforms for adjudication of public and private tenders, orthopedic and medical fields. Its system is designed in such a way that it allows for great duration, as well as a greater protection against abrasion both inside and outside.


The Sympatex brand has a great respect for the environment, providing sustainability throughout its manufacturing process. Its products are 100% recyclable, Fluorocarbon-free (data endorsed by DWR) in addition to being a product PFC-free, PTFE-free and having been awarded several certificates such as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the Bluesign.


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Detalle Sympatex | Marca representada Texalive
Logo Flexor | Marca representada Texalive

Flexor is a brand formed by a team of experts in the manufacture of foot insoles, specially manufacturing latex insoles which are one of the best products for walking in a healthy and comfortable way. The brand has an extensive range of insoles for conventional, orthopedic and sports footwear. Being comfort their main sign of identity, their insoles can be made with latex and polyurethane in order to generate and increase well-being. One of its most characteristic insoles is LAT-AIR®, an exclusive moulding system in which only latex and air intervene. The air is incorporated in the form of micro-bubbles regularly distributed to obtain a soft and flexible foam structure.


Detalle Flexor | Marca representada Texalive
Logo Sanitipies | Marca representada Texalive

Ortholite® is a brand of footwear insoles that is characterized by comfort and support as well as anti-odour. All this thanks to a treatment with biocides that is respectful to the environment. Ortholite® brand technology offers greater support and cushioning, resulting in decreased fatigue. Thanks to its unique Spring-Back technology, the insole recovers its shape immediately after use. It is also a kind of lightweight insole that guarantees protection against sweat and unpleasant odours produced by moisture. Made with a combination of polyurethane (PU) and recycled rubber materials, Ortholite® insoles have been designed to be hard wearing as well as protecting the environment.

Logo Gomavial | Marca representada Texalive

Gomavial is a brand of car tires that can adapt its products relating to tread for obtaining soles and accessories for footwear, leather goods, railway products and other items that are designed in order to bring the best to its clients, without harming the environment. This brand has a very high quality rubber material which is reinforced with textile fibers that combine mechanics, strength and design. The material is obtained through its own process that allows for taking full advantage of the technology. They do not burn or grind the tire; they produce their products to be able to step without leaving a mark.


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Suelas Gomavial de neumáticos de coche
Logo Vibram | Marca representada Texalive

Vibram is a brand well known for being a pioneer in the manufacture of footwear that allows the movement of bare feet. We are talking about the FiveFingers shoes, a type of shoe that mimics the appearance and movements of the foot when we are barefoot. Today, Vibram soles are manufactured in Brazil, China, Italy and the United States, and are used by more than 1,000 shoe manufacturers in their footwear products. Although the brand is best known among the outdoor and mountaineering community, Vibram produces numerous models of soles specifically designed for fashion, military, rescue, law enforcement or industrial use. Vibram also produces soles used exclusively for resoling footwear.


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Detalle Vibram | Marca representada Texalive