TexAlive and its new DryAlive catalogue

Nuevo catálogo Dry Alive
Sep 25 2017

TexAlive and its new DryAlive catalogue

We launch a new product catalogue where the user can see and touch our technical fabrics.


We know how important it is for our customers to know in depth the advantages of our membranes, microfibers and technical fabrics. In the case of our microfiber DryAlive it is very important since it is a material that offers multiple improvements, and the best way to see them is by touching the product. For this reason, we have launched a product sample with the variants of this material in which the user can see the benefits of the membrane and DryAlive microfiber in an easy and direct way.


It should be noted that the DryAlive microfiber is a type of membrane/technical fabric that has the particularity that it can adapt to the body as a second skin and that has the main objective of absorbing sweat, offering the user greater comfort. It is a much lighter fabric than other skins, easy to clean and fast drying, which wicks away the moisture that the body emits.


From TexAlive we hope this new tool will be very useful and will allow the user to come a little closer to our values as a company: quality + innovation.

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