TexAlive fabrics, a new dimension of comfort

Membranas TexAlive
Sep 11 2017

TexAlive fabrics, a new dimension of comfort

TexAlive’s smart fabrics have many advantages for the user.


The garments and fabrics that surround us and accompany us on a daily basis not only serve to cover us, or to decorate objects. Today there are new smart fabrics that have many other functions that go well beyond maintaining body heat. And some examples are found in our microfibers and TexAlive membranes.


For this reason, today in our blog we want to mention three of our products. They are smart fabrics or technical microfibers that can keep us dry, eliminate bacteria and can even control the temperature.


  • MembraneTexAlive. A microfiber or smart fabric, resistant to abrasion and offering maximum comfort, making the appearance of blisters on your feet almost impossible.


  • DryAlive Microfiber. An anti-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-odour microfiber fabric, characterized by being lighter than other types of skins which also facilitates comfort.


  • TexAlive PCM thermoregulator. An innovative material that interacts with the body and the environment to provide an optimum temperature to the person wearing the material.


These are some examples of how at TexAlive we use the latest technologies and innovation to create quality microfibers such as those mentioned above.

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